Dalton Ivy

I love your pale face and the way your ginger hair flows

down your face, Dalton Ivy, please don’t go.

Your shy, mysterious face

For you, I’m willing to chase.

I don’t care if you don’t feel like a man

But you’re a coward for running to your mom’s minivan!

They say you slept with the teacher

But babe, sex won’t complete her

It won’t make you a man

Especially from your mom’s minivan

You never look at me in the face

You and everyone else treats me like I’m still trapped in space

I’d rather have died under the stars

Than be waiting for our cars

In this garage of wheelchairs and tears

I heard you write songs from your daughter

So is there another woman, do you love her?

Am I out of the question for good

or was I even there at all?

Dalton Ivy, please look at me

I can tell you resist that I don’t exist

I can tell that space was the death of my soul

and though I am real, I’m not really here

I understand your rejection

You may not be perfection

But I have no exception

You are my reflection

So Dalton Ivy, you never say goodbye

But that won’t keep me to cry

Go be a man

in your mom’s minivan

Kiss your daughter on the nose

Give her mother a rose

Throw your backpack on the bed

and fill your pencil with led

Pull out a sheet of paper

Close your eyes, think of your little girl

and write those inspirational songs that you always get from her

You’ll never think of me

How silly of me…

Your mind will be on your complicated life, Dalton Ivy

I brought fame from outer space

but you brought love from songs and grace.


The Yellow Highlighter

I got a yellow highlighter and drew a heart on my knee
But the ink was so light and my skin was so dark that it was only meant for me to see
Ocean so deep and sky so high
Killing me softly tell me why oh why?
My cheeks starts to blush, my blood starts to rush
I stand in the middle of the street
Because I know it can’t hurt me
Invisible brick wall stand tall and wide
Don’t run away or hide from inside
Be the unseen ink on the skin of my knee
For you are there and you are beautiful
Only those who don’t believe will it be hidden from a shadow
And will miss the depths of your nature, your mature calling
You will breath in happiness and let it burn the back of your throat
You will not drown from depression but you will float
Upon it like a boat and it will water your eyes and stain your clothes
Laziness will fog your place like dancing smoke
And all you will see are bright red lips
Forming and upside down crescent moon
Right upon your gloom
And you will kiss them
And be glad
You will accept them but never love them back
Can this be a happy ending?
Or an ending you made on your own
In the darkness of your bedroom, sitting in a corner alone
With black twisted thoughts strangling your neck
And Childhood nightmares bleeding your arms, hiding in the dark
Killing your spark
And stealing your voice
Left to die in silenced unreliability
A spirit of sensibility
A ghost of invisibility
No, when the light of my yellow highlighter fought for life
It glows in the darkness
Spitting out love from its ink
As it sank in to my knee
A heart shaped remedy
from my own insanity
A cut-split tragedy
For my own clarity

Dusty Carpet

I press my cheek on the dusty carpet, too weak, too sore.
How can I get up off this dirty floor?
My arms, my heart, they have left me for a while. Just like I have left others.
Will he ever love me? I think.
Just like the song, “no, I think not…”
I am a different person today.
I carry a different soul.
Yet, I have the same body.
A body that was once weak and one day be strong.
Though today I am tired.
I press my cheek on the dusty carpet

My Black Heart

You are unaware
Of my hurt and my despair
You are oblivious
Of the tears dripping down my face
And soaking my chin
And drenching my chest
You really have no idea what you’re doing to me
Like this rain
I lock myself in chains
And I cry until they are broken
But it wasn’t they who broke
It was my heart
A heart that was never yours but I gave it to you anyway
And now you’re giving it back
And guess what
Now it’s black
Now I hate you so much
Now your voice is wretched
And your face is hideous
Go away
Because I can’t stand the sight of you
You cut my body in two
One that hates
And one that still loves you
One that still craves you
And my heart only blackens more
You are poison
Once I drink you I am sick
You are a rose
So beautiful and inviting
But when I try to grab your stem
I bleed from your thorns
So you may not know this
You may not even realize this poem is for you
But you now hold my blood
In the empty pit of your heart
The only sweet thing about you

Broken Street Light

I don’t know what to do with you
you put me together
you tore me apart
you put me together
when I gave you my heart
I don’t understand you!
You’re like a broken street light
Flashing green. yellow. red. All freaking night!
Mixed signals
What does that even mean?
Are you even real or are you just a dream
Were you just a myth that I can only see
in a medieval, dragon-slaying fantasy
Do you love me back like I so secretly do
or am I just someone to play with when you’re bored
Even then, you’re attention towards me is weak
Like I’m not worth fighting for
Though, you’re still someone I adore
and you are worth fighting for
I rely too much on your replies
and when you don’t, I practically die
I wish you’d tell me
am I for you?
I wish your light would be green
Green as in go
Go running after you
you perfect angel
My body tingles from you touch
and tickles when you whisper
I love you so much
and I hope you fix that street light of yours
Because it could really use the work
Love me or not, you still make my day
Just the very thought of you puts a smile on my face
But I’m not a robot, and you don’t own the controller
I will still love you
even if you still chose her

My Life Balloon

I’m not really someone that two people can relate
I might as well die in a hole for what’s left of me to wait
Someday I’ll rise for my name
I’ll scream in to your mouth
I’ll sit upon my head and shoulders
I’ll ask them to renounce
Hurting me and hurting them
you tangle in my ribs again
I ask you this and this alone
so don’t you dare walk home
Why am I still here?
Don’t collect my tears
For now I’ll be here, sitting, spitting
waiting for my life balloon
to blow me away
in to the clouds that is my gloom
And maybe while I’m crying, unable to stand
You will be right next to me, holding my hand


Charlie, dear Charlie
you drive a red Ferrari
I hate you, I love you
and don’t try and stop me
you’re green, you’re mean
I hand you my ring
You fell to the floor
when your heart began to tore
as I left and slammed the door

Charlie, dear Charlie
I stole your red Ferrari
I hate you, I love you
so don’t come after me
you scream your frivalint cries
as your heart became ice
locked your sister in a tower
imagined you picked me a flower
and became the man you would have never have guessed
I must confess

Charlie, dear Charlie
I crashed your red Ferrari…